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Clearance full color plates by Adolph Menzel at € 0,50 each - Seven-Years-War - Prussian Army Prussian Army 1756-1763 - Clearance - Adolph Menzel - full colour prints each at € 0,50

Clearance of full colour plates

at  € 0,50 (!) each

Of the remaining sets of prints of the unique facsimile Edition with the depictions of the whole


Prussian Army

of Frederic the great

Of the Seven Years War 1756 - 1763


containing the complete three volumes – published in 1995-1997 –

Depicting the uniforms, equipment and armament of the troopers, officers, NCOS, Musicians and their Horses’ equipment as well as of the other personnel.


Created by the artist

Adolph menzel


After the fund of original uniforms and equipment required from each unit and collected by the crown prince and later Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm III and according to reliable sources.

During the fifteen years of research of all the details

Menzel had traced the pen drawings for the lithographs

After models dressed in the uniforms.


That way he had created a masterwork absolutely scientific with an extraordinary artistic elegance

published in an edition of only 30 coloured copies in 1851, 1855, 1857.


the cavalry

144 full color prints

€ 72

plus 33 text plates black and white free of charge


The infantry

first part

144 full color plates

€ 72

plus 13 text plates black and white free of charge


The infatry

second part

and the artillery, technical units, special cadres, rearward services, garrison troops, freicorps,

appendices and supplements  

142 tableaux

€ 71

plus 38 text plates black and white free of charge


printed on heavy art cardboard (light beige)

(size: 9,4 X 13,4 inches)



orders of single plates are not possible

All prices incl. vat –  plus shipping costs

Box of heavy cardboard covered by coated dark blue Canvas with golden embossing (Handmade)

on demand at € 44 per Box for each volume

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