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New in December 2016


Subscription still until November 30, 2016 !


The Uniforms of the Austrian Army

during the Napoleonic Wars

1792 – 1815


based on

full-color reproductions of

exclusively contemporary

prints, drawings, watercolors, hand-colored engravings, etchings, aquatints and manuscripts


arranged in an iconography

of more than 160 full-color pages in folio size

landscape format (11,6 x 16,5 inches):


Die Uniformierung der k.k. Armee 1792 – 1815


Alex Carmes


This new release contains


the complete collection of hand-colored engravings

published by Tranquillo Mollo

that accompanied the implementation of the new 1798 regulation

of the uniforms of the Austrian Army


„Abbildung der neuen Adjustirung der K.K. Armee“


as well as

a hardly known collection of hand-colored engravings

representing the Austrian Army in its appearance about 1814

based on a revised version of the 1798 copperplates


published as

„Abbildung der neuen K.K. Oesterreichischen Armee Uniformen“



With these two works Tranquillo Mollo published

two of the most significant Austrian uniform works


In addition to these 83 full-color reproductions

the book also contains

plates edited by Mollo from 1798 to about 1814

which show the appearance of the Austrian soldiers at the respective date.


These 102 full-color reproductions

(with additional comparative graphical material)

are juxtaposed in pairs on

54 full-color pages


They, in turn, are complemented by

11 full-page full-color scenes

that present groups of soldiers in their daily life,

most of them previously unreleased.


The above-mentioned Tranquillo Mollo editions are


followed up by more than 90 full-color pages

representing the Austrian soldier as he appeared

throughout the NAPOLEONIC WARS

as seen by artists such as

Seele, Kobell, Klein, Adam

as well as other contemporary eye witnesses.


Almost all of these large-sized pages contain several pictures, some of them portraits or battle-scenes.


In his work the author analyses an occurrence unique in Europe at that time, namely the development of a coherent iconography over a period of 17 years through successive adaptations of the original copperplates of 1798 whenever it appeared necessary.


On more than 110 pages he comments the illustrations, compares the Mollo plates with the pictures of other contemporary artists and publishers, regularly drawing on written documents, and he describes the gradual evolution of uniforms and equipment in the course of the Napoleonic era meticulously.


A multitude of footnotes are complemented by a full BIBLIOGRAPHY. 


The APPENDICES take up more than 40 pages; most of which deal with facing colors. The reproduction of two tables dated 1807/8 and 1815 with color samples for each unit provides an idea of what the contemporary nomenclature stood for.

The text is in GERMAN



I hereby wish to subscribe to:


Die Uniformierung der k.k. Armee 1792 – 1815


Alex Carmes

presented on

more than 160 full-color pages plus

X and more than 110 text pages in German with an appendix of 40 pages

Folio size landscape format (11,6 x 16,5 inches),

printed on art paper,

bound (handicraft) in coated yellow artificial linen with black embossing.


(   ) copy / copies (    )   (ISBN 978-3-86990-138-1)

at the pre-publication price of €  138

(until  November 30, 2016)


(Price after publication: € 178)

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